Home Remedies To Cure An Ankle Sprain


A sprain can be caused by applying too much pressure on your foot suddenly, a fall, stepping on your feet on a rough area, sudden cramping or over stretching your ligament. If you have sprained your leg then you will feel a strong pain in the ankle area and will not be able to apply weight on the area.

You must immediately take off the pressure from your foot and sit with your leg elevated higher that your body. The first thing that you must to reduce the pain is to use a cold water compress. If you do not have an ice pack at home then you must either wrap ice in a muslin cloth and place it on your foot or soak your foot in cold water.

Massage the foot immediately after that with equal parts of coconut oil and garlic oil. This will help to reduce the pain by half.

Blanch the outer layers of the cabbage in boiling water and wrap the leaves around your foot. The eaves will become soft and almost transparent and then you will benefit from them.

Finely grated onions must be wrapped around your foot. The juice of the onion will help to reduce the pain and reduces the swelling as well.

Camphor oil must be mixed with an equal portion of sunflower oil and massaged into the skin on the affected area. This helps to reduce the swelling and discoloration if any.

You must avoid standing on your foot after a sprain for a few days. Pressure and weight can lead to damage to the ligaments or even a minor fracture, hence you must take care to avoid long term damage.

For a few days after you sprain you must soak your foot in warm water with camphor added to it. This is a sure way to getting rid of the pain faster.


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