Home Remedies To Cure Common Cold in Children

If your child has a common cold within the first year, there is a possibility that it will be a mild attack. He may sneeze often and have a running nose or sniff often. It may be accompanied with slight cough. But chances are not likely that he will suffer from a fever as well. However, if the mucus is thick the child may feel suffocated as he is unable to get rid of it.

If the mucus is thin then you can merely use a towel or wash cloth to wipe the nose and hold it a little tight to see if there is any additional mucus that flows out. If the mucus is thick then using a syringe to suck it out is an option. Compress the bulb of the syringe and insert it into the nostril then release the bulb to pull the mucus.

Remember that the inner lining of your child’s nose is fine and sensitive and hence one must not use the syringe too often as it may lead to internal bleeding. If the mucus is thick then add two drops of salt water to the child’s nostril and then suck it out with the syringe. The salt water helps to melt the mucus and eliminates it naturally.

Nasal drops help to add additional moisture to the nostrils and thereby makes the mucus thin and eliminates it wit a runny nose. Avoid using nasal sprays as they are compressed and release with a lot of pressure. This may damage the inner membranes of the child’s nostrils.

Use Eucalyptus oil on the child’s pillow so that he breathes the fumes while he is sleeping. The oil melts the mucus and eliminates it. Never use the oil directly on the child’s skin as it may cause a burning sensation and upset the child even further.