Home Remedies to Cure Finger Nail Fungus

A nail fungus is a cruel disease. Although there are several medicines available; most of them have adverse reaction like severe liver disorders. Thus several people opt to either live with this dreadful disease or try home remedies to help them with this dilemma. Fortunately there are so many ingredients that will help you with your predicament and solve your issue.

Turmeric is known to have curative properties and helps in this case as well. Apply a mixture of turmeric and water onto your nails and keep it for a few minutes. Wash the mixture when it dries on your nails and begins to peel off.

Another effective method requires you to mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide with apply cider vinegar. Keep the mixture sealed in a jar over night and soak your finger tips in the solution for a few minutes in the morning. Another quick way of taking care of the issue is using an eye dropper and squirting the mixture into your nails; this however will cause a stinging sensation in your nails.

Wash your hands frequently and wipe them dry everytime you wash them. The fungus will spread with water therefore wiping is extremely important to reduce the growth of fungus. Make sure that you have a personal towel so that you avoid spreading the infection to others.

To clean the nails of the fungal growth you must use an orange stick. Here care should be taken not to poke too deep into the nails in order to avoid wounding your nails and causing any form of bleeding. Never clean under your nails with any pointed objects or metal objects as it can lead to complications.

If you suffer from the infection then you must take care to keep your nails hygienic. Clip your nails and keep them well filed. Disinfect the tools that you use to clean your nails and use a fresh towel daily. Also, avoid using your hand towel on your face as it will spread the germs to other parts of your body.