Home Remedies to Cure for Leg Cramps Caused by Pregnancy

Once you enter your third trimester; your life will be a series of days filled with fatigue. You will feel the need to sleep more and standing on your feet for more than a few minutes will seem like an impossible mission. The beset thing for you to do is to stay of your feet as you will experience days with leg cramps and swollen feet. Most women complain about these symptoms at night and it is harmless. However it can be extremely painful and one must try their best to get rid of additional pains and stress.

How to prevent leg cramping and swelling

To start off you need to stay off your feet for long periods of time. When you are standing make sure that you have a good posture so that your weight is distributed evenly on both feet. Wear stockings that support your legs and calf muscles. Before going to bed at night, massage your calf muscles with lavender oil or olive oil. When you are sleeping, elevate your legs with pillows so that your legs are a few inches higher than the rest of your body.

Home remedies to help relieve the pain

Soak your feet in hot water daily before you go to bed. This helps to loosen your calf muscles and prevents cramping and swelling in the night. Add peppermint to the water that you soak your feet in to relive the pain instantly. If your feet swell during the day then you must use a hot water compression like a towel or a hot water bottle on your feet to calm your muscles. Sit down for the rest of the day and complete your chores in this manner or take a short nap to ensure that your body gets some rest.

Move your feet in circular motions as if you were drawing circles in the air. This helps to loosen the leg muscles that cause the cramping.

Reduce the amount of phosphorus in your drinks and snacks and increase the amount of calcium and protein. These help you to sustain your health and eliminate pain.