Home Remedies to Cure Indigestion

Indigestion is common when you eat a variety of foods in one sitting, eat extremely spicy foods or if the foods you’ve eaten are not properly cooked. Lack of physical activity, not chewing food properly or food allergies can also cause indigestion.

The symptoms would include an upset stomach, nausea, bloating of the stomach or uncontrollable burping. It is more common to women as compared to men. It is not a serious condition but you must avoid medication as far as possible. A few simple remedies at home will put you at ease within a few minutes.

-Firstly you must drink lots of water to flush out all he unwanted food from your system. This is extremely important is you are vomiting as you need to stay hydrated. Sip water every few minute. You can add a few drops of lemon juice and honey to the water as well and drink it warm.

-Drink a glass of pineapple juice after your meals to get rid of the acidity and heart burn sensation.

-Rubbing a few ice cubes on your stomach after meals will help to calm your system externally as well as internally.

-Avoid eating spicy foods that will lead to acidity. Eat a few bowls of yogurt in the day. This s extremely cooling and relaxes your stomach and regularizes your stomach cramps as well.

-Soak a few cumin seeds in water and boil it. Let the seeds lay in the water. Strain and drink the liquid when it is warm. You will feel relieved within 15 minutes.

-Dink 1 cup of ginger tea to soothe the burning sensation in your stomach. Alternatively, you can pound a few pieces of ginger and mix it with salt and chew it. You will feel the indigestion vanish.

-Oranges and grapes are the best fruits for indigestion. Either eat them with salt or have their juices.