3 Home Remedies To Cure Jet Leg

3 Home Remedies To Cure Jet Leg

Today life has become very fast. Modern modes of transport are also quick to support this fast-paced life of human being. People travel from one continent to other in just matter of few hours. This fast mean of transport has helped in saving lots of valuable time. But due to this many new born problems have also become common which were unheard of in earlier times.

Jet lag is one such modern problem. Different countries have different time zones. Our body takes some time to adjust to any time zone. The various reactions shown by the body during this adjustment period is the cause of Jet lag. Some people take many days o recover while others may have very little problem. It varies from person to person.

Take diet rich

There are number of symptoms related to jet lag. They include loss of appetite, nausea, headache, fatigue, insomnia, disorientation and little depression. Other symptoms can include sinus irritation, irregular sleep patterns and digestive problems.

Taking proper sleep just before beginning your journey is a good idea. It will provide you energy to cope up with changing time zones. You will remain fresh for longer time. Try to find out at what time of the day you will reach at your destination.

Drink Water

This information will help you in preparing yourself with necessary precautions. Drink lots of water before leaving home, as well as on plane. Dehydration makes the problem of jet lag worse. Keeping yourself active also helps in early recovery. When on plane keep changing your sitting position by stretching and moving body slowly in all directions. Once you reach your place of resident take some time for little walk.

Spend some time in natural sunlight to let your body adjust faster to your new destination. Take diet rich in proteins during breakfast, lunch and dinner. The protein rich diet produces such chemicals which are produced naturally during the active part of the day. So this diet helps in reducing the jet lag. Taking frequent showers relaxes the body. When body calms the problems of jet lag also decreases.

proper sleep