7 Home Remedies To Feeling Low


Is it one of those days where you just feel blue for no apparent reason? Because yesterday was great and so is your life in general. Then why this sudden lethargy or anxiousness, or fear of something that you simply can’t pinpoint, try as you may. Why are these vague feelings making you feel alone, lost, lonely and basically a near basket case?

Home Remedies To Feeling Low

Don’t you just wish you could turn around and sleep for another ten hours straight, so that you could get up feeling better? Well, sadly you can’t as the world awaits you, and let me tell you it is in general not too sympathetic or even considerate to people like you who are feeling down and low.

No, don’t worry this is in all probability not the beginning of your mid-life crisis, and neither are you suffering from any kind of the serious clinical depression that you often read or hear about. What you have is a classic case of feeling low that can happen to anyone, anywhere without a warning. Why? Well there could be many reasons ranging from genetic to sub-conscious to even a bad date that left you in a bad mood.

Healthy Diet

That having said, in no way should you take this less seriously, because if you feel low more than often, then you could be in deep trouble and may need some serious help. But as of now, far from a doctor or bitter pills and potions, you can elevate your mood and feel better instantly by simply eating right.

Yes, believe it or not, certain kinds of foods and food groups have been scientifically proven to improve our spirits instantly as they contain various beneficial nutrients and vitamins that work on our bodies in different ways to pep us up. So, the next time you are having a bad day, don’t grin and bear it, instead munch on any of these wonder foods listed below for an instant pick-me-up and the promise of a pleasant day ahead.


When sad and blue, you can always depend on a Tuna sandwich to make you feel better. Other kinds of fish such as Salmon, Sardines, Mackerel and Herring do the same. This is because fish and their oil are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that have been scientifically known to lessen moodiness and impulsivity.

Fish in general is known to give a boost to our body’s serotonin levels. And since fish is also rich in zinc, they help increase the brain’s capacity to receive neurotransmitters, this gives us a mood boost. It is best to eat fish grilled or in salads and sandwiches mixed with some light olive oil, as this will fill your stomach, give you energy and leave you in a better mood.



Once considered a poor man’s fruit, it is today considered a wise man’s food. This is because numerous studies have conclusively proved the positive impact a banana can have on our body and mind.  This fruit is a huge source of natural sugar which is great for getting a quick dose of power when you need it.

It is particularly a good thing to eat when under stress, as the potassium in it ensures your blood pressure doesn’t shoot through the roof. Most importantly, it contains a very important kind of protein called trypotophan, which our body readily converts into serotonin, which then produces a kind of an enlightening effect and improves our mood.


Fibrous Food

There is a very good reason why breakfast is considered the main meal of the day. This is because most of what we eat in breakfast, fibrous food like oatmeal, cornflakes and muslei are rich in carbohydrates, which help release serotonin, a neurotransmitter known to control mood. Hence, if you are skipping this all important meal, then stop.

Start having loads of fibrous foods at breakfast to ensure you start your day on a cheerful and healthy note. These foods also release enough energy to carry you through the day. Plus the fact that they take a good 5-6 hours to digest, ensures that you feel full for that long, and don’t need to indulge in unhealthy snacking. Best is to add some nuts or fruits of your choice to your bowl of oatmeal, and stay healthy and happy the whole day.

Fibrous food


Water is perhaps the most taken for granted thing in our daily lives. Most people don’t realize the fact that more often than not, their mood swings are caused due to acute dehydration. Dehydration can lead to not just mood swings, but stress, acute irritability, tiredness and even nausea. So ensure that no matter how busy you are, you take time out for regular glasses of water. This will make you binge eat less and keep your mood balanced.



Chicken soup is called soup for the soul for a good reason, and that is because it is the most comforting of all the foods you can have when down and out. White meat like chicken and turkey contains loads of proteins that help release the feel good chemicals in your brain called dopamine and norepinephrine.

These two chemical secretions are known to improve mental strength, alertness and your overall mood. Liver in particular is full of the beneficial Vitamin B6 that is needed to convert another chemical called phenylalanine to mood-enhancing dopamine and energy giving adrenaline. Hence, when blue have grilled chicken or turkey sandwiches and actually feel your disposition improve.

Chicken soup


Remember Popeye and how he was also strong and cheerful in the face of all impending disasters befalling him and Olive. Well so can you, if like him you too stick to spinach in a crisis situation. Spinach may not taste great, due all that iron that it is packed with, but it is precisely this mineral that promises your body an immediate spurt of energy when you need it the most.

This iron is known to reduce depressive symptoms like tiredness, lack of appetite and headaches. Apart from iron, this green leafy vegetable also contains huge quantities of both magnesium and manganese, another useful mineral that guards you against mood disorders, irritability, insomnia, anxiety attacks and even pre-menstrual symptoms.