Home remedies to fight cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy fat-like material that the body requires to function usually. It is naturally there in the cell walls and is elated in the blood-plasma of all animals. It is the indispensable structural element of mammalian cell covering, where it is vital to start proper membrane permeability and variability. Cholesterol is naturally created by the body and is an amalgamation of lipid and steroid. When the level of cholesterol rises, it creates several health hazards, especially heart diseases. The level of cholesterol can be kept normal with effective home remedies.

Home remedies for cholesterol:

Garlic: Garlic is an effective remedy for reducing cholesterol. One has to chew 2-3 cloves of garlic each day. This effectively reduces cholesterol and can even totally eliminate it from the blood. It disintegrates the blood cholesterol and hence frees up the arteries. Again one has to boil a glass of milk with a clove of garlic in it and drink it. This is another useful remedy of fighting back cholesterol.

Water: Patient having a high level of cholesterol should intake at least ten glasses of water each day. It would help in exciting the excretory movement of the kidney. Water is a good home remedy for fighting cholesterol.

Coriander: Regular intake of coriander water helps in reducing the level of cholesterol of the body. This regime has to be followed for at least one month and then the level of cholesterol needs to be checked. Coriander water is an efficient remedy of reducing the level of cholesterol.

Sunflower seed: This is an effective remedy for checking the growth of cholesterol. The linoleic acid there in the seed helps in lessening the level of cholesterol from the blood capillaries and progresses the usual blood circulation of the body. If one wants to lower cholesterol level, then the saturated fat oils should be replaced by the sunflower oil for cooking food.

Exercise: Regular exercise helps in the reduction of the bad cholesterol levels and in the increase of the level of good cholesterol. Yoga also plays an important role in the reducing the level of cholesterol.

Onion: Raw onion and its juice are very effective in the reduction of the level of high cholesterol. This juice is useful in the purification of blood, helps in the circulation of blood and proper operation of the heart.