Home remedies to fight germs

A cluster of small invaders that make our body unwell are called germs. They are the minute microbes, virus, protozoa and fungus that are responsible for the origin of the disease. There are a lot of home remedies that can be followed to prevent in getting contact with the germs. Some vital home remedies to fight germs are given below:Hand washing: It is the single, most important way by which not only a person but the family as a whole can keep the germs at bay. One must wash hands regularly and properly after using the toilet, blowing nose, coughing, after touching pets or any animals in the road. He must also wash hands thoroughly after gardening, after attending a person who is sick and before and after cooking. Hand sanitizers should always be kept with a person in order to use it when required.

Work places: In order to reduce the germs in the working environment, one needs to keep the place neat and tidy. Disinfectant works best in the thoroughly clean places. The telephone, keyboards, computer mouse, printers, fax machines and copiers, etc. need to be cleaned regularly as they are the surfaces that are touched the most everyday.

Tissue papers: Tissue papers are very useful and hygienic and should always be kept with one at all times. One needs to use tissue papers or paper towels while turning off the taps in public places or after taking small snacks at places where there is a little opportunity to wash hands.

Vaccinations: Vaccinations are a must to prevent any kind of disease that can spread easily among the people and to keep one immune against diseases. Hence parents should always be careful to provide vaccination to the child at the right time and care must be taken to see that the vaccinations are not out of date.

Sex: One must be very careful if he is sexually active. There are many diseases that spread due to unsafe sex. Use of a condom is a must for any person in order to lower the chance of contracting these diseases. Having a single partner is the best way of totally avoiding in getting into any contact of sexually transmitted disease from his mate.

Sharing needles: One must totally avoid the sharing of needles that are used for drugs, tattoos or pierced ears, otherwise there is always a high risk in contacting HIV and hepatitis.