5 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Insect Bite Swelling

5 Remedies For Insect Bite Swelling

Insect bite swelling typically appears like tiny red bumps on the skin that are a lot scratchy, painful or burning. It is the result of the insertion of foreign substance into the skin. The injection of this foreign material might activate an allergic response, depending on the sensitivity of the person to that matter. Some insect bites can even lead to swelling of face, difficulty in breathing, fever and even shock.

Though nature provide us with hundreds of insects that can bite and sting, it also gives us a collection of herbs that can effectively reduce the swelling and itching and even provide us with the ingredients with which we can effectively make natural repellants to save ourselves from the bites and stings. Our Mother Earth provides us with some useful home remedies with the help of which we can treat the insect bites.

Home Remedies For Insect Bite Swelling

Wet towel

Wet Towel For Insect Bite Swelling

Placing a wet towel in the affected area of the skin can successfully treat insect bite swelling. The placing of this towel can reduce the swelling and irritation of the affected area efficiently and successfully.


Lavender For Insect Bite Swelling

Lavender essential oil is extremely useful in reducing the itching and the swelling of the affected area. One has to only place the oil in the concerned area. In a matter of few days, the skin is completely cured of the infection.


The stinger has to be removed carefully from the skin. Further squeezing of the stinger can lead to the injection of more venom to the patient.

Remove Stinger For Insect Bite Swelling

Baking Soda

A paste has to be made using a teaspoon of baking soda and a little water and this paste has to be applied to the skin. Leave on this paste for about 15-20 minutes. Again baking soda can be effectively mixed with equal amount of vinegar and applied to the affected area. The alkalinity of the baking soda has a cooling effect and neutralizes the acid of the bites.

Baking Soda For Insect Bite Swelling


One has to rub the affected area with the inside of the banana skin. It provides amazing results for some individuals regarding the reduction of the swelling and irritation.

Banana For Insect Bite Swelling

Insect Bite Swelling