Home Remedies to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

A night out on the town or running around doing chores at home after work will leave you puffy eyed the next morning. Nothing is more unappealing then looking at a face that is sore and bulging. It makes you look tired, older and in some cases makes you look like you’ve been drinking all night. A few common household products will help you to take care of this.

If you have an ice pack then place it on your eyes for a few minutes after you wake up. The cool compression will reduce the puffiness and leave you looking a little more refreshed than you may feel. If you do not have ice then you can use a bag of peas or any other frozen foods that you have on your freezer. In the worst case scenario, place 2 spoons in the freezer for a few minutes and then place them on your tired eyes.

Drink a few glasses of water. It gives you a boost and takes away some of the stress from your face.

A few slices of cucumber will do you a world of good. Place these slices on your peepers for a cooling effect. The juices will penetrate into your skin and add moisture to them.

Use your make up well. Use a concealer and foundation below your eyes to reduce the puffiness. Do not use an eye liner on your lower lid. Use lots of mascara to grab attention to your long lashes rather than your puffy eyes. Enhance your lips or cheeks to divert attention from your eyes.

If lack of sleep has caused your eyes to look puffy then chances are that your eyes are watery as well. Use a few drops of rose water every hour to wash your eyes and get rid of the watery eyes effect.