6 Home Remedies To Improve Your Eye Sight


6 Remedies To Improve Your Eye Sight
The first thing you need to do to improve your vision is to figure out what are the things that may be hurting or worsening your vision and eliminating those activities from your schedule. For example if a dimly lit room troubles your eyes then do not sit there; if your computer screen causes damage to your eyes, use a protective film over it.

Most eye problems are related to deficiency of Vitamin A and thiamine in your diet. A few dietary changes along with home remedies can help you t improve your eye sight and avoid eye problems in the future. A few foods that will help you with your vision are carrots, beef, milk and eggs. Fruits like apricots and blueberries are known for their curative powers as well.

Remedies To Improve Your Eye Sight

Carrot Juice For Eye Sight

Drinking a glass of carrot juice daily or snacking on carrot during the day has proved to be a positive cure for weak eye sight. Carrots are a good source of manganese, iron, calcium, and phosphorus and beta carotene. Your eyes benefit from these minerals. Eat them with vegetable oils or stir fry with butter.

Spinach is a good source of amino acids. You can eat it steamed or sautéed in butter or olive oil. Add it to salads in place of olive oil.

Spinach For Eye Sight

Eggs have protein and eating an egg daily will keep your eyes clear of cataract.

Eggs For Eye Sight

Aloe Vera juice is a natural product. You can break a stock and drink the juice directly or strain it and add a few spices to add flavor to it. Rubbing aloe Vera gel on your eyes helps to cool them down and is very helpful if you are feeling a burning sensation.

Aloe Vera Juice For Eye Sight

The best diet to ensure a clear vision is natural uncooked foods. Eat vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, spinach and cabbage in their natural state by adding them to salads and sandwiches. Fruits like berries, oranges and peaches are a good source of fiber and can be eaten in the natural state.

Diet For Eye Sight

Avoid foods that have high sugar content like jams and marmalades, sweets and chocolates. Tea and coffee are not recommended either.

Avoid Chocolate For Eye Sight