Home Remedies to Prevent and Cure Non Cancerous Cysts

Often the period between your ovulation and menstruation leaves your breasts feeling tender and sore. At about this time you will also notice some cyst formation on your breasts. You need not worry as they normally are non cancerous and can be cured with a few effective home remedies.

You must ensure that you wear a bra that fits your body well. Wearing synthetic fabrics harm your skin and therefore you must wear cotton bras to let your skin breathe.

Avoid drinks that are caffeine based. Foods such as tea, coffee, chocolate and pain killers must be avoided as they add to the agony of the cysts. They also cause heavy periods, severe PMS symptoms and stomach cramps.

A well balanced diet is the best food that you can serve your body. Eat foods that are low in fat and high in fiber. Vegetable sand fruits with fish and eggs to add protein are great foods choices. These foods help to keep your estrogen levels high and reduce the possibility of cyst formation.

Avoid dairy products as far as possible as it leads to increase in the amount of fats in your body. However, you must maintain your calcium levels by taking supplements daily. A glass of low fat milk or skimmed milk and a bowl of yogurt daily is permissible however; if you are indulging in dairy products of any sort then you must opt for low fat varieties.

You must take vitamin supplements daily if you feel that your body does not receive a good amount of vitamins from the food you eat. Speak to your doctor about the right amount of vitamins that your body needs.

On a regular basis you must massage your breasts with almond oil or olive oil. This helps to increase the blood circulation in the breasts and reduces the possibility of cyst formation. A massage helps to you get rid of the excess fluid that builds up in your breasts.