Home remedies to prevent dengue

Dengue fever is a disease caused by one or a number of viruses that are carried by mosquitoes. These viruses are transmitted to the human bodies with the help of the mosquitoes. This is a disease that generally occurs in the tropics and cause acute fever. Dengue can be life threatening if not treated properly at the right time.Home remedies to prevent dengue:

Prevent Mosquitoes: Since dengue spreads by mosquito bite one must always make sure that the mosquitoes don’t breed near the house. For this, one must make sure that there are no stagnant waters near the house. During summers, the cooler water needs to be changed frequently and the drainage system near the house should be kept disinfected and clean. If there are flowers and plants in the house, the water in the pots and the flower vases must be changed regularly to as to prevent it from becoming the breeding ground of the mosquitoes.

Crowded places: During the spread of the infection, one must always avoid crowded places as there is always a huge possibility of getting infected very fast in these places.

Mosquito Bites: A very easy way of preventing mosquito bites is by using mosquito nets. Anti-mosquito creams, repellant and burning agarbattis also prevent mosquitoes from biting. One must also wear a full sleeve shirt and keep most of the body covered to prevent oneself from the bites of the mosquitoes.

Insecticides: When there is a least possibility to let the water out of the stagnant place, insecticides or burnt mobile oil needs to be sprinkled in the water. This forms a thin coating on the surface of the water thereby killing the larvae.

Neem tree: Neem has magnificent healing properties and can be used for special air purifying qualities. It is extremely efficient in alleviating such air borne disease like dengue. A tonic is made from the leaves of the neem tree which is the best as the leaves are great purifying agents.

Basil leaves: Intake of boiled basil leaves served in as warm tea can prevent the outbreak of dengue. This bitter and pungent herb has all qualities that can fortify the internal system from dengue.