Home Remedies to Reduce Hypertension

The medical term for high blood pressure is hypertension. It is common to men and women of all ages. It is caused by faulty lifestyle, eating habits and stress and anxiety in a person’s life. If not attended to it can lead to kidney and liver failure and an array of heart related disorders. There are several medications that you can be on to cure this condition and alongside that there are a few herbs that you can benefit from as well.

-The first thing you need to do to help yourself is to avoid smoke in all forms. Even if you are exposed to second hand smoke it can pose a threat to your existence. Tobacco is known to have negative effects on your heart beat as it contracts your blood vessels and increases your heart beat; thereby increasing your blood pressure.

-Start an exercise regime at the gym or go for brisk walks or go jogging for 30 minutes daily. Avoid fatty fast foods and incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet. Avoid alcohol and caffeine drinks completely as they wreck havoc on your blood circulation.

-Eat plenty of garlic as it is known to reduce your pressure. Add it to soups or salads. You may eat a few cloves directly if you can stomach it.

-Lemon is known to effectively control your blood pressure. Add it to your drinking water so you get a dose of it constantly. Use the peel in your salads, while adding to the taste value it will also give your body the essential boost it requires.

-The seeds of the watermelon are known to have curative powers in healing hypertension. Roast the seeds, grind them and add them to your fruit juices to benefit from their healing powers.

-Potatoes are known to be positive helpers of lowering blood pressure. Eat them boiled in a mash with your dinner twice a week. They are extremely nutritious and reduce your pressure as well.

-Reduce the intake of salts in your food.

-Avoid all stressful situations in your life. Remember, if you can’t change the situation, there is nothing you can do, so stop getting stressed out about it.

It is extremely important that you inform your doctor about the home remedies that you are trying out alongside your medication as he will recommend the continuation of them if they are beneficial to your condition.