Home Remedies to Relieve Gas and Bloating

If you feel bloated then there are chances that you suffer from gas. Formation of gas in the body is natural though it can cause a lot of embarrassment. When your food does not get digested it travels to the colon and this causes the formation of gas. If this is a severe condition then it can cause severe pain in the abdomen and can also lead to cramps. There are several tricks that help to relieve the pain caused by gas as well as ways to prevent this condition.

Firstly you need to beware of your posture when you are eating. You must sit erect so that the food that you eat passes into your stomach and is able to get digested. You must also ensure that you chew your food well. These tips will ensure that your food is well digested and it will prevent the formation of gas.

If you are feeling bloated after your meal you need to lay yourself on the floor with your stomach facing down. Place a pillow on your stomach so that you are exerting pressure on that part of your body; this posture will help to relieve the gas that is trapped in your stomach. If this does not help then you can continue lying on the floor and try to sway back and forth. You can also place a heating pad on your stomach region in order to reduce the pain caused by the cramps.

In order to prevent the formation of gas pocket in your stomach you must walk for a few minutes after you meals. This enhances the digestive system and prevents indigestion. You could also try exercising daily; swimming, jogging, cycling and aerobics are effective ways to enhance your digestive system.

Chewing on a peppermint leaf or a ginger root immediately after your meal will help to relieve pain in the stomach caused by the gas. It also prevents the formation of gas.

There are certain foods that cause indigestion and the formation of gas and if you suffer from bloating frequently then you must avoid these foods. Dairy products like milk, cheese and butter and those products that are high in fats are known to be the cause of gas and bloating hence they must be avoided. You may consume yogurt though as it enhances the digestive system. Beans, legumes and vegetables that are high in fiber content may cause bloating and thus they must be avoided. You must also avoid eating fruits that are high in fructose.

If you suffer from gas then you must drink plenty of water in order to flush out the food that has not been digested. This is a simply yet effective way to get rid of the bloating and the pain caused by digestion.

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