7 Home Remedies To Stop Bedwetting In Children


7 Remedies To Stop Bedwetting In Children

Children below the age of 4 commonly have the habit of urinating impulsively while sleeping. In some children this seems to be sustained even after the age of 6 and this may show the way to bed wetting. Giving psychoanalysis is the commonly used remedy to overcome the problems like bed wetting which is found to be worthy. Bedwetting being an upsetting problem for the children as well as the parents, can be treated well by following some of the home remedies mentioned below.

Symptoms Of Bed Wetting

Nighttime bed wettingyet after the age of 5 or 6 is one of the symptoms for bed wetting. A child who is facing the trouble of bedwetting may try to hide his/her night wears. Thus the parents must be concerned about the behavioral changes noticed in their child.

Frequent Constipation Is Symptom Of Bed Wetting

Cloudy look of the urinecan be regarded as a symptom for bed wetting. The urine may also have a light pink color. The child may also have an urge to urinate repeatedly which is another significant symptom for bed wetting. The child may experience a burning sensation while urinating which is a warning sign for the problem of bed wetting. Frequent constipation is also a crucial symptom for bed wetting.

Causes Of Bed Wetting

In general children after the age of four gets a control over the bladder and who do not have it will continue to urinate while sleeping. In rare cases, the reason behind bed wetting is found to be some psychological factors like stress, ordeal, anxiety etc.

Another reason for the dilemma of bedwetting can be the absence of a hormone which usually helps in regulating the flow of urine. In a few children, food sensitivity can also lead to bed wetting. Foodstuffs like egg, dairy products, shellfish, food colors etc. can cause allergies and hence must be found out and kept away from the daily meal of the child.

Deep Soonze Is Causes Of Bed Wetting

Infection of the urinary tract, diseases like diabetes, cerebral retardation etc. can also lead to the trouble of bed wetting. Bed wetting is found to be heritable in some cases. Being highly concerned about the problem of bedwetting can also contribute to the deterioration of same. Advising in a calm way can do away the matter better. Deep snooze in some people may result in bedwetting. Aberrations in the spinal cord can also be one of the main reasons of bed wetting.

Home remedies For Bedwetting


Cranberries For Bed Wetting

are best in the healing of bedwetting. Five or six ounces of cranberry juice can be taken one hour before going for bed. This is found to be valuable in curing the problem and for best results this can be continued till a change is noted in your child. Herbal remedies are accessible in case of bed wetting and related problems. Some of the herbs like corn silk, bearberry, pulsatilla etc. can be used in the treatment of bedwetting in children.

Walnuts and raisins

are effective in the cure of bed wetting in children. About one teaspoon each of walnut halves and raisins can be taken before sleeping which is proved to be remedial in case of bedwetting. Sarson powder is a generally used remedy for the trouble of bedwetting in children.

Walnuts And Raisins For Bed Wetting

A teaspoon of sarson powder can be mixed in a cup of boiled milk and can be given to the child before going to bed which is found to be helpful in stopping the trouble of bed wetting.

Herbal teas

are also found to be significant in the healing of bed wetting. An herbal tea can be prepared by adding some of the medicinal herbs like oak bark, bearberry, wormwood etc. This tea can be taken in small quantities two to three times a day for the best outcome of treatment.

Herbal Tea For Bed Wetting

Chewing a cinnamon stick can be advantageous in stopping the problem of bed wetting. Chewing a fresh stick of cinnamon for about 3 to 5 minutes before going to bed can help your child to discontinue the practice of bed wetting.


Eating one or two bananas each day is found to be very effective in ending the problem of bed wetting. Intake of food items like chocolates, sweets, meat etc. should be limited which is helpful in overcoming the embarrassing problem of wetting bed.

Massaging over the pelvic area using essential oils like St. John’s wort oil is beneficial in stopping bedwetting. Restraining the amount of fluid intake before going to bed can be considered as a defensive measure for bed wetting.

Banana For Bed Wetting

Fibre Rich Food

Eating fiber rich food items can be beneficial in solving the problem of bed wetting. Massaging the inner thighs of your child using essential oils can be helpful in stopping the mess of wetting bed.

In order to reduce the fluid intake, certain food items like yogurt, watery fruits and vegetables, soup etc. must be avoided from the dinner. Caffeine ingestion should be avoided. Caffeine containing food items like coffee, chocolates, cocoa, brownies etc. can be avoided as this can deteriorate the problem.

Fibre Rich Food For Bed Wetting

Orange Blossom Honey

is used as a home medication for bed wetting in children. A teaspoon full of orange blossom honey can be given before sleeping to the children having the habit of bed wetting. Eating parsley before going to bed can help in dropping the intensity of bed wetting. This is another home remedy to stop bed wetting in children.

Orange Blossom Honey For Bed Wetting


Exercises that help child in getting bladder control can be practiced for overcoming the problem of bedwetting. This remedy is used for elder children who can learn the way to do it. The child can be advised to wait for 2 to 3 minutes longer to urinate. Gradually the duration of time can be increased as a part of the exercise.Doing yoga can also be useful in curing the bedwetting in children.

The problem being an unintentional one, you should not yell at your child for wetting bed instead they can be praised for dry nights. Parents can make their children cautious about the matter that bedwetting is a bad habit as well as disgraceful.

Excercises For Bed Wetting