Home Remedy For Dizziness


Dizziness is an unsteady state followed by spinning sensation. When we don’t take our meals on time or in a state of fever, we often experience this problem.  Low Blood pressure is one of the most obvious reasons for dizzy feeling. Other factors include fever, cold, allergies, nervous problems, new glasses, etc.


If your dizziness is not acute, you can always try a home remedy for dizziness to cure yourself. They have no side-effects and hence can easily be tried.

Best Home Remedies For Dizziness

Basil And Milk

Boil a cup of milk and add Basil leaves in a quantity of about 3-4 leaves.Drink this before sleeping. It provides instant relief and can be taken daily to control dizziness.


Try This Mixture

Soak two tablespoons wheat grains along with one teaspoon of poppy seeds (Khus-khus) and eight almonds. Add eight seeds of watermelon and make a paste. In a pan heat one teaspoon of oil and fry two to three cloves.  Add the paste prepared with milk in sufficient quantity. Drink this liquid for about a week and you will feel better.


Pepper Mint Oil

For immediate relief and to cool down your internal system peppermint oil can be used.


Lemon, Salt And Pepper

Take about eight ounces of water and mix salt and pepper in it and then add a tablespoon of Lemon juice.

Drink this thrice in a day and continue this for at least two weeks. One can even smell a lemon to treat dizziness. The smell of lemon can make you feel better instantly.


Ice Packs

Lie down on the stomach and apply ice packs to the back of your neck. Keep the ice packs for ten minutes. This relieves from hot flashes by cooling down the body quickly.

ice pack

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Dehydration if cured can help in curing the dizziness it accompanies. Drink plenty of water during the day to keep yourself hydrated.

One can even opt for juices of various fruits and vegetables. At least, eight glasses of water should be consumed.

drink water

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing increases blood circulation in the starved areas of the brain because of dizziness. Sit or lie in a comfortable position and then breathe deeply several times until your dizziness evaporates. It is a very simple treatment as well as equally effective.

deep breathing


If you don’t take meals or liquid after a regular interval of time or at a fixed time, then this might be the root cause of your dizziness.

Do not starve yourself for a long period of time. One must keep a pack of biscuits, or a fruit or any other eatable handy by storing into your bag or office drawers.


Solution To Clear Nasal Block

Allergies can cause nasal blockage and cold, which can finally lead to dizziness. In such a situation, a saline solution should be used for the removal of mucus and clearing the nasal passage.  With the help of a nasal dropper or a misting bottle, you can easily pour a few drops of a saline solution to relieve yourself from dizziness.

saline drops

Take Rest

To overcome the fainting effects one must lie down immediately. Keep your legs up to increase blood supply to the brain. You can lower your head and place it in between the knees for quick relief.