7 Home Remedy For Scabies


7 Remedy For Scabies

The common areas affected by Scabies are in the regions of the hands, finger webs, elbows, waist, underarms, feet and wrists. It is also common to find the signs and symptoms of scabies in the penis and scrotum of men while the nipples of women are also prone to this disease.

Occurring mainly in early autumn or late summers, scabies can cause major discomfort, itching inflammation and an unhealthy look and require immediate attention and treatment. The ridges which appear along the skin are generally active at night and can be treated by these simple home remedies:

Best Home Remedies For Scabies

Practicing Proper Hygiene

Practicing Proper Hygiene For Scabies

As scabies is contagious in nature, it is important for all other family members to take proper precautions and care while treating the clothing and bedding of the infected person. To eliminate the causes and speed the treatment process, it is important to practice good personal hygiene. The patient should take a bath with medicated soap everyday and pat the skin dry with a soft towel.

To prevent the lesions from cracking and spreading to other unaffected regions, it is important to hydrate the skin with water based moisturizer or lotion. Avoiding frequent contact with the lesion also prevents its growth and spread and allows it to heal naturally. To prevent the mites or eggs from harboring in the nail beds, it is also crucial to keep the hands absolutely clean and free from long nails.

Cold Water

Cold Water For Scabies

The itching sensation and inflammation caused by scabies can be provided temporary relief by soaking the infected areas in cold water or placing wet towels on the same.

Tea Tree Oil

The healing properties of tea tree oil are useful in curbing and curing most skin conditions, infections and diseases of the skin. The anti bacterial properties of tea tree oil help in eliminating the lesions.

Its anti inflammatory nature provides instant relief to the patient and helps the healing process of scabies. Tea tree oil can be applied on the infected regions after cleaning the area thoroughly with clean water.

Tea Tree Oil For Scabies


The dried bark of Peepu is an effective treatment for scabies and its lesions. This bark is crushed into a powdered form, mixed with a small quantity of water to make a paste of thick consistency and applied on the infected regions liberally.

Peepu For Scabies

Mustard Oil

The use of mustard oil in the treatment of scabies has proved to be very effective. The skin mites which cause the infection can be killed with the application of mustard oil. The lesion has to be soaked liberally with pure mustard oil for best results.

Mustard Oil For Scabies

Calamine Lotion

The lesions of scabies are particularly itch in nature and need to be soothed with the topical application of a calamine based solution or lotion. The patient suffering from scabies tends to scratch the infected region and this causes the condition to worsen and spread further. Application of calamine around the lesions prevents itchiness and helps in a speedier recovery.

Calamine Lotion For Scabies

Neem Leaves

A decoction of neem leaves boiled in water taken internally, or a paste made of ground neem leaves, mustard oil and turmeric also help in the treatment of scabies.

Neem Leaves For Scabies