Home Treatments For Headaches

A headache is a painful condition that is felt in one or several parts of head. It can be mild or severe pain like migraine. The common reason for this problem is due to the affected nerves of the head, neck as well as shoulders. When the blood vessels or muscles get swelled, tighten, or go through other changes that put pressure on the nerves surroundings. It is mainly caused by stress, tension, eye strain, and worry, shock, depression, excitement, fatigue or muscle tension etc. smoking or inhaling even second hand smoke may leads to a headache. The very main cause of headache is meningitis which causes infection or disturbance in your membrane. This membrane sounds the brain.

Do not skip your regular diet because sometimes hunger also causes headache. As salvia tea also helps in headache. Avoid eating junk and fried food .rather than this eats green and fibrous vegetables and drink plenty of water.

Chew ruta leaves (but don’t use when you are pregnant). Massaging the head with the rosemary oil is an effective measure for immediate relief. Grape juice is also beneficial in all kinds of headaches. For an immediate relief apply a paste of 4-5 cloves on your forehead. Excessive use of coffee, alcohol, spices, tomatoes, and buttermilk should not be taken.