Hot Flash Remedies

Hot flash is one of the most common as well as the irritating symptoms that are associated with menopause. Studies reveal the fact that out of the many symptoms that the women suffer at the time of menopause, hot flash is one such annoying symptom. This symptom has also been found to be above the lack of sexual drive that is one of the major symptoms of menopause.

Hot flash remedies can be broadly classified under two heads

i) Hormone Replacement Theory and ii) home remedies. Hormonal replacement theory had been one of the preferred choices for hot flashes but with the recent identifications of the risks connected with the continuing use of hormonal replacement theory, the individuals are now shifting their attention to home remedies.

Caffeine: Caffeine is well-known as a stimulant and helps to generate hot flashes by raising the heart beat rate, blood pressure etc. Hence the consumption of coffee, tea as well as the other soft drinks should be cut down and consumed less. It has been found that with the less intake of caffeine, the hot flashes are also much less for the individuals.

Spicy foods: Lots of studies have showed that the consumption of spicy foods can trigger hot flashes. Although such foods are extremely tasty, the best would be to avoid the intake of such foods as they have been found to be the cause of hot flashes for many women, if not all.

Alcohol: Alcohol is considered as a depressant. But with the consumption of alcohol, the blood vessels are enlarged and also boost the blood pressure. This also helps to trigger hot flashes. Besides this, studies and researches have showed that with the intake of alcohol, the estrogen level of a woman goes up dramatically. But this momentary barb could follow with the sudden drop in the estrogen level, leading to hot flashes.

Sweets: Sweets should also be avoided. It has been found that with the consumption of sweets, the metabolism of an individual gets boosted up thereby generating heat within the body. Hence hot flashes can be averted with the less consumption of sweets.