Hot Flashes Treatments And Remedies

Women in the menopause stage frequently suffer from hot flashes. These are small periods where the body temperature rises and the woman suffers from severe discomfort. Though this is an inevitable part of menopause there are several natural treatments that help to reduce the amount of discomfort that the woman suffers from.The change in the hormonal levels gives rise to the hot flashes and different women suffer from these flashes of different intensities. Some women suffer from the hot flashes for a minute of two where the body temperature rises drastically; however others suffer from lower intensity; these hot flashes last longer. These hot flashes result in dizziness and heart palpitations. This causes a great degree of discomfort.

How to stop hot flashes

Some times eating certain foods can trigger the hot flashes. One needs to make a note of these foods and eliminate them from the diet. Eating foods that are high in water content and those that are high in nutrients reduce the risk of hot flashes.

Caffeine, alcohol and spicy foods are common triggers and these must be eliminated from the diet completely. Smoking can also trigger hot flashes and night sweats and hence one is advised to refrain from this habit. Speak with your doctor about supplements that will help to reduce the intensity of the hot flashes.

Herbal remedies that include wild yam and black cohosh are commonly used in the prevention and treatment of hot flashes. These treatments are extremely useful and can be used on a daily basis by women going through menopause.

Exercising for a few minutes during the day reduces the intensity of the hot flashes by almost 50%. Women who practice yoga regularly are able to control the hot flashes while those who exercise regularly do not suffer from high intensity flashes.

Stress triggers the hot flashes and hence women must keep their stress levels low. This is one of the most effective and natural ways to prevent the hot flashes from disrupting your life. Yoga, guided meditation and deep breathing exercises are the best ways to control ones stress.

Menopause is a slow process and natural remedies are the best resort to reducing the discomfort of the hot flashes.