How A Blend of Garlic and Basil Can Keep You Fit

Spices and herbs have a charm and aroma of their own. When you add them to your food preparations they blend in with the food and help to boost the immune system while also helping to fight several common diseases.

A blend of garlic and basil helps to fight several common ailments as well as prevent some terminal illnesses. Garlic is not only used to ward off vampires; it is also useful to prevent illnesses and common ailments.

The consumption of garlic is directly linked with low blood pressure. Research has proved that eating a clove of garlic daily can help to reduce your cholesterol levels drastically.

Garlic also helps to form blood clots and hence it is important to include this herb in your diet. Pregnant women benefit from eating garlic as it helps to reduce flatulence, gas, bloating and also helps in forming blood clots. A research conducted in India by Dr. Sanjay Banerjee stated that garlic helps to prevent all cardio vascular diseases, metabolic diseases like hypertension and diabetes as well as prevent diabetes.

It is easy to increase your consumption of garlic. Simply add it to pasta and rice preparations. You could also add it to baked potatoes or to bread. Grate garlic and use it as a topping on pizzas or mix it with cheese and apply it to your toast.

Basil is equally beneficial. It is a very common ingredient in most diets and is known for its anti oxidant properties. One of the most common reasons why it is well known is because of its ability to fight cancer. Both these properties help to keep one fit by preventing cardio vascular diseases, asthma and joints pain. Not only does the herb taste delicious; the oil extract of the herb helps to increase resistance and fights common illnesses. It is used in the preparation of most anti biotic medication.

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