How a Man can Find Natural Cures for Prostatitis

Prostatitis is acute pain caused in men during erection or ejaculation. There may be pains and aches in perineum, scrotum, lower back and upper thigh region and affects men approaching their middle age. The natural cures for prostatitis depends to a large extent on what caused the particular condition.

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostrate gland in a man by E.coli bacteria, which enter the urethra and bladder and spread to the prostate. The main causes of prostratitis could be as simple as sitting for a long time in a chair or during a long journey by car, air or train. Excesses of sexual life could also lead to this situation. Besides stress could also cause spasms in the muscles making urination painful and difficult and lead to inflammation. Excess of alcohol and spices can also cause inflammation and pain in prostatitis. So the causes suggest the natural cures for prostatis that affect men.

Besides natural methods used to cure prostatitis it is also essential to take a course of antibiotics. In addition a man will benefit by taking hot water baths.  The man should ejaculate at least once a week to relax the muscles, besides draining the gland. It is best to resort to the natural cure of avoiding alcohol, spicy foods. Besides taking a lot of fiber foods like figs, white onions, cabbage, cucumber and radish helps to ward off constipation. Raw juices of oranges, spinach, carrots, beetroots, celery, cucumber and parsley help to keep prostatis at bay.

Doing Kegel exercises involving the squeezing and relaxing of the bladder periodically helps a man to keep the bladder healthy and also helps to empty it with ease. To avoid prostatitis it is best to avoid sitting for long in a particular place. Besides avoiding of antihistamines, cough syrups, anti diarhoeals, anti spasmodics and anti depressants can avoid making the bladder weak.

So dear men, it is up to you to be informed well about prostatis and help your friends and yourself with these natural cures that would help you feel strong and healthy again.