How Acupressure Balances Emotional Energy


Acupressure For Emotional Healing Our human body is gifted by the god and our nature has implanted some secret points within our body, where cure for every disease is stored. Here comes the role of Acupressure. Acupressure is very popular and renowned healing method practiced everywhere and all around the world.

It is used in curing almost all the known diseases both physical as well as mental disorders. In our day to day busy schedule, we don’t get much time to relax our mind. This restlessness can lead to emotional disorder which is very alarming and sort of invitation for diseases like heart disease, depression, anxiety, emotional imbalances and loss of memory.

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Acupressure can be of great help to cure all these ailments and helps to stabilize and elevate our emotional status of mind. In this article, we will discuss how acupressure can deal with many of the emotional disorders and how it works to heal various types of illnesses.

Acupressure Balances Emotional Energy

If you have recently suffered any major emotional attack or lost your loved one or any type of emotional disturbance is bothering you, it can simply be healed through your own fingers through acupressure. According to acupressure theory, our body is composed of various types of pressure points.

Acupressure Balances Emotional Energy

There are separate pressure points for every type of emotions and they are channelized by organs and are connected together through blood flow.When there is any negative energy stored inside any organ, it starts becoming dull and it may cause minor illness or moods and temperaments in any person. During emotional disorders, its very common to see people shouting and becoming angry.

The acupressure techniques can slowly teach you various exercises. These exercises will help in releasing the positive energy in the blood stream which will travel towards the blocked organ. The negative energy will slowly get depleted and the organ will start becoming healthier.

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Acupressure Points

There are various points in our body which are known to cure some specific emotional disorder symptoms, these are as follows.

The middle point of the breast bone is given little pressure for curing emotional outburst.The downside of ankle is having the pressure point which reduces feelings of fear. In the palm, below the thumb, there is pressure point for ear; pressing on this point will help in improving health of ear and hence in listening and patience.

Tip of the thumbCentre point of forehead, between eyebrows (this point is known as Agya chakra as plays an important role in kundilini jagran)Similarly various pressure points are located on all parts of the body. Every part has some associated feeling to it. This feeling can be negative as well as positive, after carefully examining, the emotional disturbance and locating its pressure point; the pressure point can be given exercises and treatments regularly.

Acupressure Points

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How to give pressure on these pointsIt is very important to know how to use these acupressure points most effectively, these are explained as below.

Analyze the exact acupressure points Use figure tip or wooden apparatus (available commonly in market) for applying pressureApply pressure over the mentioned points for 2-3 seconds, and then repeat the same after an interval of 5 seconds.Use of acupressure is much beneficial along with proper medication. In the long run, it may cure the disease completely. But that can take time. In such cases where faster recovery is needed, the acupressure is less preferred.

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