How Acupressure Helps To Treat Health Problems


Acupressure is very scientific and a natural way of treating many types of minor and major health problems.

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The science of acupressure works on the principle of our body’s pressure points. Before we proceed further to the detail, I would like to tell my readers that in this article we are revealing to you the theory behind acupressure.

The Simple Phenomenon Behind Acupressure Is Being Discussed Below

Acupressure is believed to be more than 2500 years old in origin. The simple theory behind this is that for every organ in our body, a specific acupressure point exists. The theory of acupressure believes that every individual has a life force flowing inside his/her body. If it is channelized in a good way, many minor health problems can be cured.

People can be able to live a healthy and prosperous life without major and costly treatments and ailments.The cause of any disease is the blocked energy hidden in particular part of the body. When such energy accumulates to a larger amount, then that organ starts showing symptoms of illness. This negative energy can slowly be released through simple and easy to do acupressure exercises.

The acupressure techniques will remove the hidden blocked energies and will give way to positive energy restoring the body part to its healthier state. This process is slow and takes regular exercises and along alternative medication is also helpful. Acupressure can be used as an alternative health treatment and slow recovery from any long illness can be done through this practice.


Acupressure Points

Every human is gifted with these secret acupressure points. Every organ, eye, ear, hand, stomach, mind, legs, liver, pancreas, kidney, heart and almost every organ is connected through these acupressure points. A detailed description of these associated points can be inferred from acupressure map, which is readily available all over internet.


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Applying Acute Pressure

This is very important factor while applying acupressure techniques. A calculated amount of pressure over these acupressure points along with time precision is needed in order to get best benefit of Acupressure.A streamlined pressure for 2-3 seconds must be applied over affected point at interval of 5 seconds. This process must be repeated 15-20 times to get best benefit from Acupressure.

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Benefits Of Acupressure Techniques

If we have any problem in a particular body part or organ, then the acupressure point related to it can be given acupressure sittings to heal the disease slowly. The pressure points contain blood vessels which go directly towards that organ. The positive energy flowing through the blood will give the life energy to the diseased organ or body part and it will start to heal slowly.

For example, if you have indigestion or you are getting feeling of nausea, then the pressure point near to your thumb can be pressed a little in a proper way to release excess gases and improve your digestion. Similarly in acupressure therapy, there are detailed exercises and theory as well as practical guidance about these acupressure techniques has been given.


The western medicinal science still investigates the practice of acupressure and till date there is no scientific evidence to support this miraculous phenomenon. However acupressure is common and trusted in Asian countries. It has started gaining popularity in developed world too. People are accepting this method to cure sprains, minor as well as injuries, indigestion, eye fatigue and sometimes simply to stay fit.


Many hospitals around the world provide acupressure experts as alternative health experts. Many lifestyle camps are encouraging acupressure techniques and methods for curing diseases and living happily and healthier life.