How Breath Control Exercises can Help to Get Over Anxiety

Doctors and therapists can help one recognize the reason for one’s anxiety. They can help one to figure out what one should do to get over the anxiety and can suggest therapies that can make one feel stress free and become able to handle life. However if breath control exercises are done they can not only make one feel cool and composed but at times can also help to remove anxiety from the root.

The rhythm of breathing involving inhaling, holding the breath for some time and exhaling after that can help one to get some relief over anxiety. Breath control exercises prove to be of great help to get over anxiety when one visualizes one’s breath and feels it coming in and going out as one inhales and exhales. One should just imagine as if a light is coming in to heal the tension points of one’s body when you inhales during breath control exercises. Then holding one’s breath may make one feel too heavy or stressed up. Then exhale out all that you breathed in and feel the tension ease out. It feels real light and relaxing and helps one to get over all his anxious feelings.

The first breath control exercise that would really help get rid of anxiety is the rib breath control exercise. This exercise can be done by sitting at the desk with an erect spine or lying down on your back on a firm surface with the head and chest at the same height. One may bend one’s knees to feel comfortable and can place ones arms on his chest to feel the expansion and contraction of the chest This breath control exercise involves expanding one’s rib muscles as one inhales and contracting the muscles when one exhales out. One should concentrate on one’s breathing diverting it from all thoughts of anxiety.

One could start doing more advanced breath control exercises like breathing from the bottom of ones throat once one feels more comfortable. One would also notice that regular practice helps one to get over one’s anxiety faster because one’s thoughts turn less intrusive. Doing these breath control exercises a few times in each day helps one feel refreshed and relaxed. One could also do these breath control exercises at traffic signals or when is restless at times at nights due to anxiety. These breath control exercises are bound to help one get over anxiety even without a visit to a doctor or therapist.