How Breathing Right can Control Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation affects every one in three men and is characterized by ejaculation just before or immediately on penetration into the vagina. Yes, this is a problem that needs to be corrected so as to enjoy satisfactory sexual life. Learning to breathe right besides other measures can help a man control premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation makes it difficult for a couple to enjoy sexual life. The man may be worried about delaying the ejaculation while his partner may be dissatisfied but may remain to avoid embarrassment. In addition sex and forming intimate and life-long relations may be difficult for a man with premature ejaculation. He may tend to avoid sex altogether.

Breathing right can help to avoid premature ejaculation along with other measures like exercise, exercises and sexual therapy. Most men may have tried to control their breathing when having sex. However they may be discouraged because they were not able to get any significant results. But breathing right is more important to have full sexual satisfaction.

It is very necessary to avoid anxious breathing. Every male having premature ejaculation should breathe with his focus on his lower stomach area. When one inhales one should push out the belly and ribs and avoid pushing ones chest forward. One should assume that the breath is coming in and out rather than up and down. This would help one to deeply breathe and stay in control. This is the right way to breathe to avoid having a premature ejaculation.

In addition it is necessary to keep ones breathing natural, regular and normal. Anxiety only makes you perform poorly in the love play by having a premature ejaculation. Breathing right by letting every breath take it’s own time to take shape. One should rest after inhaling and exhaling each time before one repeats the process. Controlling your breath helps to overcome stress and give you more sexual pleasure.

Besides doing Kegel exercises helps to overcome premature ejaculation. One can do this exercise by contracting and relaxing ones pelvic muscles.  This can be done anytime and anywhere. One should contract ones muscles and hold it for a few seconds. This contraction helps to control urine and semen from flowing. This exercise can be done three times each day. Kegel exercises done by breathing right and concentrating on the pelvic muscles helps to make ones penis more firm helping better penetration and preventing premature ejaculation.

To conclude, men do not have to be worried or embarrassed by premature ejaculation, but can really benefit by breathing  right.