How Can a Couple Deal with Emotional Aspects of a Miscarriage

Miscarriage or still birth can be physically and mentally traumatic for the woman.  in particular. A woman may experience a mixture of feelings like numbness, disbelief, anger, guilt, sadness, depression, and may also experience difficulty in concentrating. Yes the physical aspect of a miscarriage are tackled much well than the emotional aspects. Also a woman may experience physical symptoms like fatigue, trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating, loss of  appetite, and frequent episodes of crying as a consequence of emotional stress.

It is extremely normal for couples to feel emotionally let down by a miscarriage. Miscarriage can make a man really nervous about how he should deal with this emotional aspect with his partner. They may seem reluctant to show out their emotions or to discuss his and her feelings with her. Generally women are more expressive about their loss and may appreciate moral support from others. Men may aim to solve the problem and may want to bury their grief in work.

In addition, the couple’s feeling about the loss of the baby may be different. A woman feels a special emotional bonding for the baby from the time she conceives. A man would experience the bonding only after he sees physical signs of the child and may be less affected if the miscarriage takes place in the early months of pregnancy.

A woman may first experience shock of losing the child and may feel one has been denied of something. Besides she may experience anger and depression of losing the child and may also experience guilt that she has been responsible for the miscarriage. It will take a long time for her to accept that she has to get over the grief of losing a child.

A miscarriage could lead to the straining of a couple’s relationship. However it is best to turn to each other for support.  Discussing each other’s feelings takes the stress out of the relationship. If it is very difficult, the couple should seek counseling in order to be able to communicate with each other in a good way.

It is best for the couple to seek support from family and friends to cope up emotionally from the loss. Yes, do share your feelings with them openly. They may be avoiding talking to you about it with a fear of hurting you and making you angry and upset. Just be honest with your feelings with friends and family members and tell them how you exactly feel about the miscarriage.

Support groups and talking to other couples who are also going through the tough emotional aspects of a miscarriage can help the couple feel they are not alone and that they also have the capacity to deal with the emotional trauma of a miscarriage like the other couples did.  In extreme circumstances talking to a professional therapist one-on-one can help you come to terms with your loss.

Yes, dear couples who have lost a child by miscarriage you do have the capacity to deal with the emotional aspects of a miscarriage if you could only ask for help and have patience to help heal yourself emotionally.