How Can Breast Cancer Patients Lead A Normal Life

Most people who are affected by breast cancer think it is the end of the world and that they have to only lead a life of sickness and restrictions.  However it is far to the contrary and every woman affected by breast cancer can afford to lead a normal and healthy life later on in their life. Statistics shows that people who have breast cancer would only have more chances of developing some other cancer or cancer in the other breast.

Never feel if you have been affected by breast cancer  that you are all alone. However follow a few things regularly to make sure you have taken enough care. It is best to have a mammography done at least once a  year and about six months after a radiation therapy. It is also best to have a physical examination done every 4 to 5 months for about five years and then once every year. Besides one should be on the lookout for  any other symptoms and also report changes in the  breast and chest area immediately to the doctor. These changes include change in appetite, weight, changes of
menstrual  cycle and unusual vaginal bleeding.

In addition chronic cough, dizziness, hoarseness and  shortness of breath, headaches, bone pain and any  abnormal symptoms must be immediately reported to the doctor. Besides it is best to have a pelvic  examination if you are taking medicines like  tamoxifen.

Regular examinations help to make sure that you do not  have recurrent or new breast cancer. In addition you also have to be vigilant to report abnormal changes in symptoms. Besides you may feel a bit tired after treatment, however aerobic exercises can help speed up your recovery. Yes, you would be able to get back to your normal activity with the passage of time. Make sure you have a healthy diet, regular physical activity and make sure to have a bone-density test and colon test regularly.

Make sure to have your blood tests, bone scans, ultrasound, and CT scans often to help nip the cancer at it’s bud. However do not worry too much. Believe in the aspect that you are being cure and slowly start coming back to your regular routine and start enjoying life. Talk to persons who have also been affected by breast cancer to learn from their experiences and feel good.

To end, breast cancer is not the end of life. Just get  cured and take all preventive steps as well as carry on the regular tests and learn to enjoy a good normal and happy life.