How can Honey Help for an Effective Life-style

Honey produced in the most pure form by honeybees collecting  nectar from flowers. It is nature’s most versatile product, and can be used as an effective part of ones lifestyle to promote good health. The most important aspect about honey is that it proves to be a biological filter from contamination of any type.

Honey is healthier than sugar and can be used instead of sugar as it contains lesser calories and carbohydrates. It has about 80% of sugar and 20% of water besides iron, copper and manganese. It has a high food value and is found to be very effective in curing respiratory ailment like cold, whooping cough and bronchitis.

Honey can be easily absorbed by the body and has been well known for its sedative effect. Those who suffer from insomnia or nervous disorders can get good relief by consuming honey with warm water or milk before retiring to bed at night, one is assured of good and sound sleep contributing to relaxation.

Honey is a rich source of energy too. It is good if one takes honey in the morning before going to work. Honey can be taken just before and after a work out to feel energetic. Sportsmen can benefit by its rich source of carbohydrate, which can help them improve their performance. Besides honey has free sugar that can help to enhance ones brain to function properly. Hence including honey to have an effective lifestyle really helps.

Honey helps to improve the appetite of growing children and is easily digestible. Honey is effective for good performance of the kidney and intestines as it is easily broken to sugars that can be easily digested. Taking it with water makes it very effective to gain instant energy for one and all.

Honey helps to cleanse the blood and also helps in blood formation. It helps in effective flow of blood besides acting as a protection to capillary problems and arteriosclerosis. It is interesting to note here that the more darker the honey it is more better for blood formation.

Taking honey regularly as part of ones effective lifestyle helps to provide an effective guard against diseases. Honey acts as a guard against pollution and bacteria. Prevention of pollution is the main call of today’s world and contributes to an effective lifestyle. It is still more interesting to note that diluting honey with water increases it’s benefit twofold. Newborn bees are nourished with honey in hives mixed with water.

Honey should find its place in the kitchen of all health conscious people. Always make sure to purchase honey that is m dark in color. It is best to make sure one stores it in a place away from light and heat to preserve its antibacterial qualities. Be careful to feed it to infants below the age of  twelve months. Yes, honey is good for various allergies too. So dear folks embrace honey as a part of an effective lifestyle and say it aloud, “I love good health, I love you honey.”