How Can I Get My Acne Cured?

Acne can be cured internally as well as externally in a natural way. Firstly drink plenty of water and keep your skin clean. Neem is a blood purifier, one can have 4-5 leaves daily early in the morning, or can have capsules, or take 1 tsp powder with 1 tsp honey. Another option is Aloe Vera one can have in the form of gel, tablets or sunscreen.

To cure externally there are different remedies for different types of skin. People who have normal or oily skin can try the below tips:

1. 2 tbsp multani mitti + 1 tsp sulphur powder + 1 egg white, mix and apply once a week.
2. 2 tbsp oatmeal powder + 1tsp neem powder + 1 tsp orange peel/sandalwood powder, mix and apply twice a week.
3. 4 tsp cucumber pulp + 1tsp lemon juice + 1 tsp rose water + 1 egg white + little multani mitti, dab it with cucumber water. It is a 10 days course.
4. Paste of sandalwood powder and rose water, apply for 20-30 min and then remove it using slight warm water.

And for normal to dry skin:

1. Apply clove oil.
2. Paste of cinnamon powder and honey, apply on the spots at the night and remove it in the morning with luke warm water.