How Can I Treat The Problem Of Body Odor By Using Natural Treatments?

Different kinds of chemical treatments are available these days but don’t just choose any without any consultation. Stick your attention to the treatments that are safe in use. Following are some home remedies to reduce body odor, you can try them for better results:

1. Apply cider vinegar or white vinegar with the help of cotton balls under your arms.
2. Apply baking soda with lemon on the under arms to avoid bad smell.
3. Add few cups of tomato juice in the bathing water and soak yourself for 15- 20 minutes.
4. Add a table spoon of honey to the Luke warm water after your bath for final rinse.
5. Add a tea spoon of alum in your bath water.
6. Add a cup full of camphor oil to your bath water. It will reduce sweating and bad odor.
7. Add water of boiled mint leaves to your bath water.
8. Include turnip and red radish to your diet also you can apply it on your underarm after your bath.
9. Rub potato slices in your under arm and let it dry itself and wash.
10. Put 10 drops of essential oils to your bathing water.
11. Put some rose water in your bath water to avoid bad odor.
12. Use baby powder instead of deodorants as it contains fewer chemicals as compared to deodorants or any other powders.
13. Drink plenty of water to ensure that you smell good.
14. One must avoid refined foods to reduce bad smell.