How Can One Manage One’s Anger

Anger is the property most of us inherit due to our circumstances. However one need not always allow anger to manage oneself but can take effective steps to manage it.

Breathing can help a lot to manage one’s anger. When one is angry, one should take deep breaths; inhale and exhale. One would find that one feels relaxed after a minute or so and is able to feel physically better too.  This exercise to manage anger can be done anytime, anywhere and under any circumstance.

It has been wisely said that leaving the scene behind for some time helps to manage anger.  One can leave the room for some time, do something different for some time before returning to the same situation or work. In case of a tensed situation at home a small walk or even watching an interesting serial on the television or listening to soothing music could help. At work probably you could just go have a cup of tea, chat with colleagues or just go for a round around the work place. This can help one to manage one’s anger.

It has been popularly even told to children who get angry, “Just count until 10 patiently, do not react”. It would help further to manage anger if you also imagine yourself being in a beautiful beach resort as you do your simple counting exercise. Some also find saying a soothing or encouraging affirmation top self to help to manage anger.

One of the best anger busters is to get up and do some physical activity. One can manage one’s anger by doing some exercise like yoga or meditation or even simple stretching exercises. One can definitely manage anger by following this tip.

Believe in the fact that once a person is able to manage one’s anger one can look at the situation objectively and come out with a suitable solution. One can convey to the person one is angry with what he wishes to tell him in an assertive and not aggressive manner.  One can also be able to find out what are the situations that could spark an anger situation and be in a better situation to deal with it or even avoid it in future.