How Can We Benefit From Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry, is just not another Indian fruit but it has a lot of health benefits too. Some of us may like to eat it raw and enjoy its sweet tangy taste. However it has been used in various medicines and home remedies also. Let us just discuss all the benefit we can get from this fruit of the Indian subcontinent.

Ayurveda, the Indian system of medicine has found out various benefits of this wonder berry. Indian gooseberry has a lot of vitamin C in it. This helps not only to build up resistance against diseases but also helps to nourish the brain. The waste products accumulated in our body, is also flushed out and our urinary system is strengthened. The lungs the most important muscle of the body is also strengthened.

You are sure to enjoy vitality and good health, the benefit from this berry. The benefit to the human heart is that of better pumping and circulation of blood in the body. No to forget of the strengthening of heart. It is worth mentioning Indian gooseberry’s antibacterial and astringent benefits also.

Combine the Indian gooseberry in your diet when you have an upset stomach. The benefit is that it cools the system and also helps promote the appetite. Enjoy gooseberry with honey and butter if you want to go on a diet to increase your low weight.

Take benefit from the Indian gooseberry to improve shortsightedness, cataract and tension in the eyes. Have this berry with honey as a juice. Diabetic patients benefit a lot due to chromium, which assists in bringing down sugar level. The assistance to the cells to secrete insulin cannot be overlooked.

How would you like to have thick long hair the natural way? Indian gooseberry has been combined with other beneficial herbs like henna and used in shampoos and hair tonics. Putting the paste of gooseberry helps enhance the luster to your hair and helps to delay aging. This is mainly due to the antioxidant benefit it gives us.

The Indian gooseberry’s benefits have been well realized by all people and now they are available in some form or the other in grocery shops, departmental stores and fruits shops. Many products using this berry as an ingredient are also available. If not available fresh, then you can also dehydrate them by purchasing them in the season. Do look out for online marketers also who sell these products.

Do tell all those you wish to benefit about the health benefits of this berry.