How Colors Affect your Mood

Color therapy is a new generation fad, however there is evidence dating back to thousands of years in ancient China and India about the use of color therapy. Each color has its own wave length and thus its own energy. Balance of all the 7 energies helps to attain good health and well being. Color therapy can help to stimulate these energies by applying the appropriate colors to the body thereby achieving balance.

Colors affect your mood and balancing them can help to uplift your mood as well. The best way to use color therapy is in your room as well as in your clothes.

For your room

Every color has a different energy. Red is the first color that we see (in our mother’s womb) and hence it is the color that we relate t the most. It stimulates, arouses and heightens awareness. Blue calms, relaxes and transfixes. It is the color of the ocean , however too much use of blue can cause a negative effect like making the person emotionally closed as the color is also associated with cold and winter. Yellow, the color of the sun is brightening, however can cause temper flares as well if over done. Orange brings order and tranquility to a room and helps to soothe people’s anger and anxiety. Purple makes a rare appearance. It is present only in fruits and vegetables and it protects you.

The idea is to have a balance of colors in your room as well as in your wardrobe. If you are feeling depressed then wearing blue, black or brown will add to your depression. Wear brighter hues like yellow or orange instead.

If changing the color of your room or the clothes in your closet is not possible then you must have a few pieces of artwork around that will help lift your mood. Everyone has a different psychological reaction to colors but the energy that a color provides you with is constant.