How dangerous are irregular periods

One of the few things in life that all women learn to live with is periods or menses. In spite of the inconvenience caused and the conservative embarrassment it is a fact that a regular menstrual cycle determines your state of health. So, what if your periods have suddenly become irregular for the past few months (or maybe years in extreme cases)? What are the repercussions? Do some months of irregular periods or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (as it is medically called) not simply be a hassle free time? Definitely not! Let’s see why.

Irregular periods could cause sudden weight gain due to the hormonal change. It can also cause cholesterol levels to rise increasing the possibility of heart disease and diabetes. Apart from fertility problems an irregular menstrual cycle can also cause an increase in the growth of hair on the face, chest and abdomen. Eudiometrical cancer or cancer of the uterus can also be caused by irregular periods.

Such dangerous possibilities can be prevented if first and foremost you are careful about your diet. Eat healthy food and be careful to not miss your meals. Working at the gym to get in shape is all very fine but please don’t overdo it. Avoid extra use of drugs, as they tend to influence the menstrual cycle.

So, what treatment would you take for a regular case of irregular periods? The best thing would be to consult a doctor who would most probably prescribe oral contraceptives to regulate the menstrual cycle. Sometimes, the drug Metformin (commonly used to reduce high insulin levels) also words wonders for irregular periods. But do remember to not treat yourself.

Just as wishing away an unwanted pregnancy is illogical so, is ignoring irregular periods a foolish thought. If you have irregular periods do get yourself treated and take care.