How Diet Can Help with Bad Breath Treatment

Bad breath is a widespread trouble throughout the world and is both frustrating as well as embarrassing. Many individuals are completely unaware of bad breath and it has the ability to interfere in our social as well as professional life.

Bad breath can be caused with the eating of strongly flavored foods like garlic and onions. Even though, there might be no traces of garlic or onion left in the mouth, the ingredients that are absorbed by the blood stream are expelled by the lungs while breathing.

While some bad breath is caused from an oral cavity that can be due to sulphur compound produced by bacteria inside the cavity. Smoking is another cause of bad breath and also expels odor from the lungs.

Besides this, it also leaves a bad taste in the mouth, disturbs the oral hygiene and contributes to various gum diseases, which can be a great factor to bad breath. Bad breath is again caused from dry mouth and post nasal drip and their roots being the allergies. Allergy to certain foods is also equally responsible for bad breath.

Diet plays a key role in preventing bad breath of individuals. Many studies have shown that intake of low carbohydrates in the diet is a major cause of bad breath although low intake of carbohydrates in popular in weight loss programs.

When the body gets fewer carbohydrates, it switches to burning of fats. This breakdown of fats leads to chemical waste products and these are expelled in the breath. Hence, if one does not want to compromise on bad breath, then he needs to intake more carbohydrates.

Again, strong smelling foods like hot peppers, onions, garlic, blue cheese as well as spicy dishes have a strong connection of bad odor on breath. The smell of these types of food is so strong that they have the capability to linger for more than twenty four hours causing extreme embarrassment. These odors then need to be masked by mints until, and unless they fade.

Besides these strong smelling foods, alcohol, fish, coffee as well as spicy processed meats also tend to throw bad odor from the body.

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