How does electrolysis affect your skin


Electrolysis is a permanent removal of unwanted hair using electric current. For all those men and women who don’t want to take that extra effort of maintaining hair on different parts of their bodies, electrolysis comes as a blessing in disguise. But, how safe is it for your skin? Are there no side effects? Does it leave scars behind? Let us find out.

Electrolysis redness

Electrolysis is in simple terms, the destruction of hair roots with electric current. Tiny needles are inserted into your skin and electrical current (AC, DC or both) are passed through the needles to destroy the hair follicles below.  Usually people use electrolysis to remove hair from upper and lower lip, breasts, chin, sideburns, legs, chest, abdomen, underarms, eyebrows, arms and bikini lines. Several sittings are required depending upon your kind of hair and skin. Results are seen within a few weeks or a month after electrolysis. However, there are certain problems that accompany electrolysis.  Apart from the pain that you experience while undergoing treatment, the skin tends to become red and swollen after electrolysis.  Of course, these temporary side effects go away soon enough. Small blisters, ingrown hair, dryness, itching, skin discolorations, bruising and even scarring could take place that are very uncomfortable and can be psychologically dampening.

Scar Free

Before even going for an electrolysis procedure, make sure to select a qualified electrologist. Only if the doctor does his job properly can you be assured of a scar free treatment. There are certain things you need to do to prevent your sensitive skin from taking its toll after an electrolysis procedure. One of the most important things to remember is to stay out of the sun’s harmful rays after the treatment. Do not definitely use make-up as the chemicals in the creams and lotions could irritate your skin.  Also, resist the urge to shave after electrolysis. Do not spray perfume or use any astringents. Both can be harmful to a skin. Remember also not to scratch or itch. Once the redness and swelling has reduced, (you could use bags for that) wash your face with something mild. To protect your skin, use a SPF 25 sunscreen lotion. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to provide nutrients to your skin. Drinking lots of water improves the moisture levels of the skin too.

Electrolysis is a convenient way of removing unwanted hair but it also tends to damage the skin if not done properly and not taken care of post electrolysis. So be ware.