How Eating Fruits and Vegetables Protect Bones

It is a general well-known fact that eating fresh fruits and greens and colorful vegetables are good to promote the health of any person. However recent research has some important findings. The bones of a person lose calcium with age and turn brittle. This increases the chance of  fractures. Hence eating fruits and vegetables helps to improve the position and protect the bones from damage.

If one takes a diet rich in protein and cereal grains the body’s metabolism discharges an excess of acid into the body. In addition, any person excretes out more of calcium and phosphates along with other alkaline salts. A person’s body mechanism to neutralize this acidic effect decreases with age leading to breakdown of bones. Alkalis formed by eating fruits and vegetables can help to neutralize the acid thereby helping to protect the bones.

Eating fruits and green and colored vegetables helps to provide that bicarbonate that helps to stop excretion of calcium. In addition, fruits and vegetables mainly carotenoids found in raw vegetables like carrots, and other yellow and orange vegetables and fruits like mangoes, corn, yellow pepper, apricots, pumpkin and spinach help to increase the bone density of the person. Spinach is also found to be good to protect oneself from osteoporosis, arthritis and other bone problems. Increasing of bone density contributes to strong bones and helps a person to lead a better quality life.

Indian cottage cheese has a lot of calcium in it and can be combined with vegetables and cooked to make some tasty dishes. Taking cottage cheese helps to make stronger bones and also helps to get over back and joint problems.

Eating green and leafy vegetables and fruits also help a  person to get Vitamin C and K, which are also good for health. Vitamin C helps to increase the immunity power of a person besides it helps to flush out toxins created by water, air and food pollutants and contributes to good body health. This vitamin is very valuable in fighting age-related diseases.

To conclude, one who wants to protect and build up strength of their bones should make it a habit to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to neutralize the acidic content in the body to protect and build up strength of bones.