How Girls Can Maintain Their Self Esteem During Puberty

Puberty is the stage when every girl undergoes bodily changes. There is a feeling that they should be accepted and many girls tend to compare themselves with the celebrities. So, they tend to experience a very low self-esteem. But there is nothing to feel inferior and girls can maintain their self-esteem even during puberty.

The self-esteem of many girls during puberty is affected due to various causes. First the way their family and friends view them makes an impact on how the girls view themselves. Some family members criticize their girls and also undermine their capabilities. It would help a lot if the family members appreciate them more often, so the girls can maintain their self-esteem.

The  off-hand comments passed by their friends about their figure and physical beauty impacts the way the girls view themselves. It is best for the girls, not to take these unnecessary criticisms and comments too much to heart. It is best for the girls to accept themselves as they are and aim at building healthy friendships. The girls can maintain their self-esteem even during puberty by developing this attitude.

During puberty a girl all of a sudden turns into a woman. It is very necessary for girls to become more independent in thought and actions and also to take up challenges. Every success is a stepping stone to feel good and girls can maintain their self-esteem and even increase it.

Girls during puberty should resist the negative way of thinking and always think positive. Positive thinking helps them to aim at the positive and get good results. Thinking positive is very important and girls can maintain their self-esteem by gaining confidence in the process.

During puberty girls in general become very worried about several of their body and mental changes taking place in them. They should realize that they can only change some aspects of their life. They can set small goals to be achieved in the direction of change and aim at achieving them. Aiming at and achieving those goals is how girls can maintain the self-esteem.

However, some girls find it difficult to maintain their self-esteem during puberty. Therapists and counselors can help them to know their positive aspects and also make them feel that girls can maintain their self-esteem just by bringing about positive changes in themselves.