How I Won The Food Battle

All of us know what we should do to win the food battle and are the first ones to advice our friends. However believe me it is not so easy to do it when we have to practice it. Just imagine when you see one of those fine good rich foods and have to resist the temptation.

It is simply impossible or too hard to resist. But I found some suggestions given by my friends and those that I figured out and thought I would share it with you, so you could also win the food battle.

I first figured out I would have a food diary. In this diary I would note all the things I ate during the day from that rich creamy ice cream, that extra cheese helping on my pizza to the other healthy choices of carrots, cucumber, apples and other healthy that I ate throughout the day. By this method I was able to keep a good count of the calories I ate.

This would also show me how much I had to exercise to burn those calories. This food diary helped me find out when I was just bingeing and would help me tick those high calories food items from my daily food diary.

Next I figured out I lost the food battle if I avoided the food I liked totally out of my diet. Deprivation only made me crave for that item and I simply overeat when I really wanted to. The best tip here to win the food battle lay in not purchasing that item in surplus and storing it at home, but going and enjoying a piece when you go out. If you love that cheese cake, do enjoy it by going to the outlet and enjoying a piece instead of storing one at home.

It is best to avoid bingeing and win the food battle by taking more meals of lesser calories at regular intervals. This habit would help you eating more snacks. Instead of sticking to 3 meals breakfast, lunch and dinner it would help to include a mid afternoon snack. Also be sure to include some protein in each meal.

Make eating a regular schedule and eat at a fixed place and time daily. Eat slowly relishing the meal. Make it a habit to shut the idiot box while eating. This would help one feel full and break the habit of bingeing. I won the food battle in this way.

The next tip I found useful in winning the food battle was to avoid taking samples of foods that are just given in super markets. This would only add to your calories. Instead it would help if you politely told the salesperson ”I have just eaten.” Also it would be good if you could hide those tempting snacks, so you see them less. Another trick that really works is to put your snack in an opaque dish rather than a transparent dish and you are bound to eat lesser.

Next is never resort to eating just to numb certain emotions. In case you do have negative emotions it is better to do some meditation or deep breathing exercises that helps you handle those emotions better.

I found this tip also very useful in winning over the battle of food. It is always better to break up big portions into smaller ones and eat in small plates. When you super market it would be better to get food in smaller packaging, so you tend to feel full and satisfied faster.

To conclude I am sure these tips would help you win over the food battle.

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