How Menthol Supports the Health of the Body

Menthol is made from peppermint oil. It is commonly used in cigarettes, sweets, chewing gums and in mouthwashes. As its importance is growing it is now being used in food preparations as well. It has several medicinal benefits and hence it is gaining importance. Some of the benefits that you receive from menthol include relief from pain in the joints and muscles, relief from asthma and any sinus related disorders.

As a beauty aid

Menthol is now being used as a beauty aid in order to clear several skin issues. When applied on acne prone skin it helps to clean the rash and prevent further breakouts. It also has the ability to clear acne scars and blemishes that are caused by prolonged sun exposure. The cooling effect of the herb helps to fight heat rashes and other skin rashes. Menthol when mixed with oil or shampoos help to cure dandruff and reduces dandruff flakes. Massaging any menthol based oil on your scalp will reduce dandruff, prevent itching in the scalp and also prevent hair from getting grey. It is also used in the form of lip balms to keep the lips from chapping and to prevent discoloration.

As a health booster

Menthol boosts your immune system and in this way it helps to take care of a variety of ailments. It has been proved to have a positive effect on the heart and prevent heart related disorder. Women experience lesser pain during menstruation if they drink tea infused with the herb. The herb boosts the libido in men who regularly consume the herb. Menthol is also known to be able to cure gas, acidity and flatulence. In the form of a tea the herb prevents kidney stones and promotes the health of the liver. Health care practitioners recommend using the herb to control anxiety and to be able to cure nervousness. The most common use of the herb is in the form of a cough syrup that gives relief to sore throats and coughs. Menthol is also used in toothpastes and it prevents and cures toothaches and cavities.