How One Can Help One’s Man With Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is inability of a man to achieve and sustain an erection long enough for a sexual intercourse. Most men experience this inability during some time in their life, however for some it is chronic.This can be caused by stress, depression or for no apparent reason at all. However, one can help one’s man with erectile dysfunction by being patient and understanding and not suspecting him of foul behavior.

The first reaction of any woman who realizes one’s man suffers from erectile dysfunction should be not to feel neglected or personalize it. One can start to help one’s man suffering from erectile dysfunction by suggesting in a matter of fact manner a few days after his failure to go see a doctor about it. It is advisable to do this talk out of one’s bedroom. One should never suggest it is his sexual failure but point out the defect as a physical one. Most men do not like one’s wife to point out their sexual weaknesses.

Once one has told one’s man about his weakness, it is best to allow one’s man to decide whether he wants to involve one in his treatment or not. One should suggest as a friend that this problem can be sorted out jointly and be warm, friendly and intimate with one’s man. One should give one’s man suffering from erectile dysfunction kisses, hugs and grab his hand and make him feel wanted. It is best to convey the message that one values her man’s physical closeness.

It is in the interest of one’s man that one never suggests that she does not care about his impotence. It is best to use this opportunity to experiment and find ways how one’s man and she can be intimate even though not sexually. It is best to explore jointly what is mutually sexually exciting. A woman having to help one’s man with erectile dysfunction should not hesitate to initiate the act; role reversal.

The most important is one’s intention of arousing one’s man. One should never feel irritated or personally neglected if he retreats or says “NO”. The most important aspect to help one’s man is never to shut down the line of emotional communication.

To sum up, one can easily help one’s man with erectile dysfunction by being patient, understanding and emotionally communicative.  She should understand and do all the things her man feels good about to get sexually aroused and solve his problem of erectile dysfunction.