How One Can Remove Hair On The Upper Lip

Anyone who feels concerned that she is a woman in a man’s attire need not feel so any longer as there are various methods by which one can remove hair on the upper lip. Here are some of them anyone can use to remove hair in the upper lip.

Many feel scared of the pain involved when they decide to go for threading of the hair in the upper lip. However if one just clenches one’s lips between one’s teeth  while the hair is removed on the upper lip one would find the procedure much less painful. Believe me, it is a cheap and easy procedure too.

Waxing, used to remove hair from the upper lip is done by applying hot or cold wax on the upper lip and pull out with a cloth strip. It is not necessary to do waxing as often as threading. However waxing causes great pain and red eruptions and boils on skins sensitive to wax.

Over the counter depilatory creams can easily be applied on the upper lip to remove hair. Depilatory creams take as less as 5 minutes to dissolve the hair but last for a very short period. It is also best to check the sensitivity of these creams on one’s skin before using for a treatment to remove hair from the upper lip.

Bleaching another of those methods to remove hair on the upper lip helps to lighten  the color of the hair and can be done real fast, involving no cuts on the skin. However the bleaching procedure involves the use of certain chemicals that could be harmful to pregnant women.

However, if you can afford you could go in for electrolysis or laser treatment.

Electrolysis is more expensive to remove hair on the upper lip. It involves a needle being inserted at the hair root and passing a current through it to the roots of the hair. This method is to be carried on with care by a specialist as it could be very painful and also cause scalds and dryness of skin. However one would have to have at least 4 to 5 sittings to affect permanent removal of hair on the upper lip.

Laser treatment helps removal of hair on the upper lip by use of lasers to damage, disable and remove the hair follicles. This method of removal takes less time and all the hair is shed in a matter of 15 to 20 days. However one has to consider the high costs involved in this method of hair removal on the upper lip.

To sum up, one should consider all these methods to remove hair on the upper lip and choose the one that best suits one considering the cost, sensitivity of skin and time involved in each procedure to remove hair on the upper lip.