How Oregano Helps the Body

We use many herbs to garnish our foods as they add taste and help to bring out the flavor of the food that they are added to. Among the common herbs that we use; a lot of people prefer oregano. Oregano is a part of the mint family and does not grow very high in height. It grows to about two feet. The word oregano has Greek origins and means “Joy of the mountain”. This particular herb is versatile and can be added to many dishes and foods. It is used commonly to flavor vegetables, meats, fish, soups, stews and pizza apart from other foods. They health benefits of oregano are numerous and it is an herb that should be had as often as possible.

Many herbs contain antioxidants which are good for the body. Studies have shown that the amount of antioxidants present in oregano is much higher than 27 other herbs. It has also been proved that oregano has higher antioxidant activity than fruits, vegetables and spices as well as is very high in Thymol. In fact the antioxidant activity is even higher than garlic. Apart from being effective and powerful natural antioxidant oregano is also used as an antibiotic.

Common antibiotics like penicillin can be substituted with oregano as it has almost the same potency. Since it is natural it has fewer side effects. Oregano contains a substance called Carvacrol which has antibiotic as well as anti-fungal properties. Due to its strong antioxidant content oregano is also used to help relieve pain caused due to arthritis. Inflammation caused in the bones and joints primarily occurs due to oxidization and oregano helps prevent this from happening. It can be applied on the joints and is very effective when the plant is used for this purpose.

Oregano is also loaded with other essential minerals and nutrients required by the body. Apart from containing high quantities of minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium and omega 3 fatty acids it is also loaded with vitamin A and vitamin C. Oregano is also useful and effective in treating upper respiratory tract diseases as it helps kill bacteria and germs.

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