How Seaweed Can Help Weight Loss

Most of us wish to lose weight to lead a healthy life. Exercise, eating a low calorie diet plays a vital role in weight loss. Taking a lot of fiber, less salt, less refined sugar, less of animal fats and reduction non-vegetarian foods also play a real great role in weight loss. Recent studies have proved that consuming seaweed can also help in weight loss.

Seaweed helps one to eat less and lose weight. Most of us tend to eat at irregular intervals and eat whenever we feel like which leads to weight gain. Seaweed can be taken raw or as a capsule before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Appesat is a recent product and it is a capsule that contains the extracts of seaweed. This capsule is taken with a glass of water just before the 3 main meals of the day. This capsule expands in a person’s stomach giving a feeling of fullness and motivates a person to eat less. Generally this capsule expands for three to four hours in a person’s stomach before it is digested and excreted and thrown out. Hence, it stimulates the hunger sensors on the wall of the stomach and suppresses the person’s hunger for that period.

Seaweed can be taken in the natural form to get the same results. However taking seaweed with a low calorie diet and good exercise regimen helps further to lose weight. Seaweed has also a lot of fiber in it. In certain cases consumption of Appesat also gave side effects like an upset stomach.

A survey has proved that many who took Appesat, 3 times a day before the main meals lost about 20lbs in 3 months as compared to their counterparts who lost only 12lbs using other methods of weight loss.  So it is best to cultivate a taste for seafood; it is better to take it in the natural form than resort to taking a capsule.

To end, dear folks it is suggested that one develop a taste for seafood especially seaweed. It is best to incorporate an exercise regimen, along with a low calorie diet, with good and nutritious food and seaweed into any program of weight loss.

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