How to Administer Aromatherapy During Labor

The pain a woman goes through at labor is unexplainable. While there are several drugs that can be given to her, the risk of the child being affected by these drugs is high and thus in most vases doctors do not recommend the use of drugs during labor. In some cases a woman can go on for hours in labor while some lucky few are done with it in 2 to 3 hours. The first delivery is always the toughest as you are unaware f what awaits you and all the reading that you’ve done in the nine months of your pregnancy come back to scare you.

During this time aromatherapy can come to your rescue. In the first few hours of labor, one must get your labor coach to give you a soothing tummy massage with lavender or chamomile oil. Gently make the figure 8 on the patient’s stomach and below the naval. The same oils can be used on the patient’s lower back to ease the pain. Massage the oils on the palms of the hands and then create friction by massaging in the anti clock direction.

Dip a face sponge in a bowl of cold rose water and a few rose oils. Rub the sponge on the face, neck, back and hands and feet. The sweet smell helps you to relax and directs your mind to more positive thoughts and away from the pain.

During the last stage of labor when the contractions get nearer, the pain is at its peak. At this time physical touch with your birthing partner will help to ease the pain. Ask your partner to dab a few drops of lavender oil on the palms of his hand and then hold your hand so that the heat and the oil react with each other and the help to relieve the pain that you are going through. The aroma of lavender is known to be soothing and relaxing; thereby helping to reduce stress. It is also a good aroma for the baby when she arrives.