How to Age Beautifully

The fact that everyone will grow old and is doing so every minute is the universal truth. It is not like you go to bed one night and wake up the next morning looking 40 years older than you did the previous night. All humans age gradually and it is our best attempt to age gracefully as well. We do everything from using night creams to anti aging lotions to ensure that we look younger that we are but the fact is that you are as old as you act and feel.

Just because you are aging that doesn’t mean you begin to act like you are 90. Think of all the things your parents and grandparents did (from their mannerisms to their clothes) and make sure you do not repeat the same things. Take care of the clothes that you wear. You may have looked good in a pair of skinny jeans in your youth, but they may not suit you if you have cellulite build up all over your thighs.

Find a hairstyle that suits your age as well as your lifestyle. You do not need to have the latest cut that is in vogue if it doesn’t suit you. Choose the colors of your clothes wisely. Not all colors will suit you. The same goes for prints. Remember to dress well even if you are not going out in public, your spouse will sure appreciate the effort and your beauty.

Maintain your hygiene levels, for that matter be even more hygienic that you normally were. Hairs, nails, make up and body hygiene will make you look years younger. Follow a strict diet. Eat foods rich in calcium as your bones will begin to need the extra calcium.

Follow a strict beauty regime. Cleanse tone and moisturize three times a day. Use anti- aging products that suit your skin type.