How To Aid Heavy Menstruation


How To Aid Heavy Mensuration Every women experience different periods. Therefore, it may be slightly difficult to evaluate whether or not your periods are heavier than average. If you are losing half a cup of blood during your cycle, then it is average. A heavy menstruation may show symptoms like blood clots in the menstrual flow, interference with daily activities, and frequent change of protection during the night.

Other symptoms include severe pelvic pain and menstruation even after menopause. This condition is termed as “menorrhagia”, caused by estrogen imbalance in the body. Heavy menstruation may lead to very serious and even life threatening health conditions. There are many over the counter medications available which may be taken under strict medical guidance.

However, an alternative and gentler way to promote normal levels of menstrual bleeding is a natural treatment to the same. These treatments are devoid of side effects and compatible to overall women health.

Tips To Aid Heavy Menstruation Naturally


How To Aid Heavy Menstruation

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Buckwheat is a rich source of “bioflavonoids” that help to reduce heavy menstruation. For best results, try buckwheat with Vitamin C. You can gorge on buckwheat pancakes too. Nuts, seeds, and fruits are also rich sources of bioflavonoids.

Dried Apricots And Citrus Fruits

How To Aid Heavy Menstruation

Heavy bleeding is the cause of depletion of iron from the body. Include dried apricots and other foods that are high in iron during menstruation. Liver, shellfish, and legumes too are high in iron. Also, supply iron to your body with citrus fruits during the menstruation cycles. You can drink citrus fruit juices or eat whole fruits with meals to improve iron absorption in the body.

Banana Flower

How To Aid Heavy Menstruation

Banana flower is known to treat “menorrhagia“very efficiently and naturally. Consume one steamed banana flower with one cup of curd. It increases the level of progesterone production in your body aiding in the reduction of menstrual bleeding.

Rough Chaff

How To Aid Heavy Menstruation

Rough Chaff involves an effective herbal remedy for the treatment of heavy menstruation. In 250 ml of water steep fifteen grams of the herb for about fifteen minutes. Drink the tea like solution produced.

Treat Heavy Menstruation With Vitamins

How to Aid Heavy Menstruation

Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant that helps defending body cells against damage.  Vitamin A is a must for the production of red blood cells, and also helps in the natural reproduction of the cells. Women suffering from heavy periods have been found deficient with Vitamin A. You can have foods high in Vitamin A, or a natural supplement is also recommended. Vitamin K also helps to provide relief from heavy bleeding.


Avoid Aspirin strictly during your heavy flow. Aspirin is used by individuals for discomfort, but it may actually avert blood clotting leading to heavier bleeding. Discomfort during heavy cycles can easily be treated with the remedies mentioned above.

Also, avoid drinking regular black tea; it blocks the absorption of iron from the foods.  Soft drinks need to be avoided too. Soft drinks contain phosphates that too prevent the body from absorbing iron. Fruit juices and herbal teas are fine and recommended too.


Fat cells are responsible for the dominance of estrogen in the body that leads to heavy bleeding. So exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight. Diet high in fiber is also recommended for treating hormonal imbalance.